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AngelEye Smart Glasses

AngelEye, the world's first smart glasses to assist blind people perceiving the world, by transfer the visual information into auditory, based on advanced artificial intelligence and computer vision technology.
  • 185mm*160mm*50mm

  • 3.5W

  • 99g

  • 6~8h

  • 1.5h

  • Support Bluetooth /WIFI connection

Live with the future

Travel Mode
Assist blind people to avoid obstacle and estimate direction
Object Detection
Recognize objects information and report by voice. (E.g. Door ahead 2 meters)
Money Recognition
Report the amount of denomination (SupportUSD/EUR/CNY/JPY/KRW/NTD)
Assist to read text
Color Recognition
Enhance objects information
Light recognition
Light in the current environment

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Weight and elasticity is the most concerned for us.

"The aim of AngelEye smart glasses is to be a necessity of blind people. We choose common glasses supply chain, and reduce the weight of the smart glasses by enhancing the construction and choosing the best raw material, that aim to offer the best wearing experience.‘’

Impressed by the story that leading blind people to run together by hand in hand. with the belief of  "Help blind people with AI" .
AngelEye was created.

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